harpening and Caring for Pro-Balance Knife


Important Tips for Keeping Your Knife Sharp


While frequent sharpening by specialized tools are important for maintaining your knife, daily care is also needed.



Using Ceramic Sharpener (The Third Generation)




Under precise calculations and experiments with professional chefs, the modulate ceramic wheels optimize the position to ensure the blade is sharpened at the correct angle. Easy to use and clean. Ideal for beginners and home use purpose.


1. Open water grinder cover and pour clean water into the grinder cover. 2.Hold the handle of the grinder firmly with one hand (the grinder must be steady when grinding the knife). 3.Saw the blade vertically into the 1st ceramic wheel and move the blade forward and backward slightly for 7 to 8 times. 4.Do the same for the 2nd finer wheel. 5.And the 3rd wheel. Clean the grinder with water and dry.